Unnerving Gratitude

Thank You…

Seriously. Incredible amounts of gratitude for so many reasons.

Wish I knew to whom it was owed, wish I could impress upon them the loyalty, affection, and esteem derived from helping me pursue the beautiful life in such mutually enriching ways.

Thank you. So fucking much. Thank you.

I hope this begets a smile.

I believe in a way of being that minimizes the need for any conflict, but also takes advantages of simple economical factors of social capital, whether derived —
  1. by harnessing synergies of human energy, effort, and mental throughput, or,
  2. through mutually beneficial exchange following simple principles of economics
— Because of my inane narcissistic nature – or perhaps I truly am just a <<good person,>> (these days, at least), who knows? –

this belief, BeautifulLife, is extolled via the pursuit of this type of harmonious existence wherever and whenever possible.

  • °° Day 1,2 people: You’ve gotten to witness the iteration of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, but hopefully noticed a steady devotion to my «pacifist » tendencies, and mores seen those tendencies adopted at a higher and higher rate.
  • °°Everyone else: I sincerely cherish your adherence to the simple notion of: « well I got it like that, so why not if it truly makes that much of a difference in his life

I only hope that I haven’t failed somewhere miserably in the department of reciprocation. I hope it’s self-evident that despite the negligible costs compared to your net USD$ worth; that the same phenomena appears on my end of the equation: Despite massive potential Social Capital, I freely dote on those whom I feel express gratitude-inducing, loving actions towards me. Although it costs me nothing to be such a sweet bastard, the direct comparison to USD$ amounts — of feeling my love, gratitude, or just the affiliation induced pride from any success of mine, — will lack proper context and may lead to an all-too-familiar to me site within affluent individuals:

  • too harshly judging their [non-socioeconomic] peers through unintelligible, at best, exchange rates (if in existence in their models at all) between Social Capital (e.g. Pride, Happiness, Appreciation, Respect, etc.) and good old-fashioned United States Dollars $$$

Therefore, to whomever made my experience at Walgreen’s earlier as SWAZY as could fucking be;

Good lookin’ out 🙂

#UHTHANKYOU #TooEffinMuch #Verbose #UnnervingGratitude


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